Word cookies is a brain teaser type game in which you’re going to need to use your dictionary to get by. The game has simple but fun play mechanics but almost anybody above the age of 12 can pick it up. This game is also great for younger children who are learning how to spell as well to give them an edge on the competition by making them play a game to learn. This game is a free download and quickly loaded into my phone after being chosen from the App Store

The game is charming and is based around a cooking theme. As you level up you become a higher ranking chef and the levels are titled after food items. The art style is charming it has a very friendly feel to it and the music is simple without being repetitive. There are different menu options you can choose from that play different songs and change the background for the different seasons giving a little bit of customization to the game.

The gameplay is simple; you get a set of letters in a frying pan and you arrange them make a word. Generally, each level will have multiple words that you have to connect to beat it. You can connect the letters by drawing lines in between them to arrange them to spell out a word. As you progress through levels the number of words you have to spell increase as well as word length. This can be challenging at times due to the time restraints placed in all the levels. While levels increase in difficulty the more you play, so far in my time with the game nothing has proven to be unfair or too frustrating.Some levels may be trickier for different players, but a few seconds of thinking is usually all it takes to break through the challenge and finish the level. Additionally, as you play you will earn in game coins that can be used to unlock hints about the words needed in a level. There is also a shuffle feature to move the letters around make it slightly easier for you.

The only initial problem I have with this game is the fact that ads do pop up regularly as well as appear at the bottom of the screen. this means that in the middle of games there will be a little ad that you can accidentally press while moving your fingers. You also will encounter videos in between levels that could drain your data if you’re not careful. Of course, this is common with many app games and isn’t too out of the norm or completely excessive. The game does however run perfectly smoothly and I didn’t encounter any bugs or hiccups while playing. The controls never once went out of line as I was connecting letters and the options were always responsive.

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