Human Age is a very refreshing type of puzzle game that throws out traditional rules for a more interesting concept. To play this game you will have to match tiles to make evolved human. Then you will have to match more tiles to make other evolved humans to fuse with that one. Then you will have to repeat the process over and over to you reach the current day, confusing? It’s ok we got you with the review down below!

The gameplay is pretty interesting basically you are trying to evolve the human race. How do you do this though you ask? You simply have to wait for the right titles to pop up then connect three of them by making them touch to make a human. Once you make a human you will need to make three more of the same type of human in order to advance in the game sounds simple right? Well, this game is one of those that actually get complicated pretty fast.

The game needs you to advance humanity through the different periods of time. This means that you will need to continuously match up the humans to evolve them. The only problem is that starting out you have about 9 tiles to move humans and work off of. The board works like a title puzzle so you have to strategically move things around the connect them. The only problem is there are two types of block that can spawn in clear ones that you can move over and solid ones that are there to stay unless you match them up.

In the first roundabout,  the highest evolution you can reach is Viking before you run out of space. At this point, you will be explained that you can get more spaces by building monuments. This, of course, is done through winnings you can either build up by paying or playing. You get a free tile at the beginning, but you will have to work to get extras after that. To reach higher levels of the game you will have to increase the amount of free spaces you have in puzzles quite a bit. There is a chance you can use the free move to get rid of a character and strategize out to get a little further than the Viking age, but eventually, you will run out of space.

This game is free for download on the IOS store and is recommended to anyone who likes a good challenge!




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