Stormbound is a mobile game produced by Kongregate. This is a strategy game that fuses war combat with a playing card game. The concept is fresh and interesting, sure to delight any fans of the strategy game genre.  This game can be either play with real humans or against a CPU giving you a variety of options. It is free and can be downloaded by you and your friends for cross phone play!

At first, the game is a little daunting and confusing to understand. The touch controls are very sensitive and you have to figure out what direction exactly helps you place your card. As soon as you do the process of playing the game starts to simplify. In a way, this game is sort of like chess where you have to outmatch your opponent’s wits to win. Be sure to place your cards accordingly to keep your opponent from getting any check makes while getting your soldiers to their side of the field. The nice thing about this is the turns are not timed giving you the chance to think out your moves before you make them. You also have to choose to end your turn, so you have control until you’re comfortable with your choices.

The cars in the game have different strength and defense indicators that will show on the cards before you play them. This plays into the game by showing you and your opponent exactly what they are going up against. When the cards meet in battle they will try and destroy each other the block with the most men will, of course, proceed forward. Each turn all of your men will advance before you play a card that means the game is always moving no matter what you or your opponent do, plan accordingly and you should easily take the lead!.

Overall, this game is a solid play for strategy lovers. There were, however, a lot of instances where the controls were unresponsive making playing the game a frustrating experience. A quick reset of your phone will fix these issues, but be sure to be extra careful when placing cards. The controls can easily mess you up causing you to click the wrong area and possibly lose the round. While I do love the idea of this game’s play style I do hope they sort out the controls in the future to make the experience less frustrating.


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