Battlejack is a game made by the famous MMORPG producer Nexon. With that in mind, this is a little different than most app games you play. You can see a lot of Nexon’s MMORPG experience coming through with the unique and creative play style featured in Battle Jack. This game combines card gambling and RPG elements to make an addicting app that you can play from anywhere. The whole thing is based around the card game blackjack being used to determine your parties attacking power.

Here’s the deal for this game you are in a land where chaos emerges every 1,000 years. You are the guardian that the three elemental heroes summoned to save the day. The bad news is, however, that soon after they summoned you the chaos appeared in front of them and killed them all. Your first path is picking which element you want to have on your team and choosing to revive that hero. Afterwards, you will set off on a journey to become stronger and defeat the chaos once and for all. You can pick from several different options of course such as side quests. Just be sure to do the main story from time to time to get closer to finishing the game!

To play the game all you have to do is be good at Blackjack. Your attack is completely determined by the cards you draw. The closer to 21 you get the more mana your party will have and the more you can hit the attack for. If you go over 21 though you will lose on of your turns leaving a huge opening in your defense. The best way to play this game is to figure out if you want to risk busting or not based on the added amount of the first two cards you are dealt at the beginning of the turn.

The game also features several other RPG elements. You can buy items such a potions to help restore your party’s health in battle. You can also capture the monsters you fight to add them to your team. If you want to level up you will need monsters as well to fuse into your hero and gain even more power. Be sure to keep an eye on your team’s level and items even with a lucky hand you will still need to power up to get through later missions.


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