Cubie Adventure is a content rich mobile title with simple controls, an adorable artstyle and enjoyable soundtrack. The gameplay revolves around simple taps that either make your character jump or turn on corner turn pads. Your character traverses a single lane of travel to collect coins and powerups, avoid or defeat enemies, and jump over obstacles such as traffic cones and pits. When reaching a corner you must press the single control button to turn your character, and depending on your timing you can speed up your character or even be slowed down. The player character is also accompanied by a pet which provides bonuses during play, and the pet and player character may be changed once more are unlocked.

There are various game modes that can be unlocked after playing through several levels of the campaign mode. In the main campaign mode players will run through nine levels per world before reaching the tenth level reserved for that world’s boss. Boss fights rely on players tapping their screen when their character walks over an attack pad to then cause damage to the boss, but bosses release lots of enemies and the tracks in these levels still have normal obstacles. As the player progresses into new worlds the challenges within the levels will increase in difficulty and variety, and new platforms are introduced as well such as a platform that sends the player character flying across otherwise impassable gaps.

One of the most fun features of the game is the collectible player characters and pets, called Cubies and Cupets respectively. Both are acquired through a capsule machine that provides random new Cubies and Cupets as well as boost items that can be applied when entering a level of the campaign. Some levels will provide a ticket for free Cubies and Cupets, but players will have to earn coins in levels to purchase Cupets and save up gems from challenges or cash purchases to get Cubies. There is also a free daily wheel spin that may grant players a free Cubie or Cupet ticket, or various items or currency. Players can also luck out and get more than one Cubie or Cupet at a time, or even a Cupet from the Cubie capsule machine or vice versa. Cubies and Cupets are also categorized into collections of five similar Cubies or Cupets. Each Cubie and Cupet offer unique bonuses during play and these bonuses increase as the player adds to that respective Cubie or Cupets collection. Once the four spawnable parts of a collection are obtained the fifth is automatically unlocked for free and provides much higher bonuses than average Cubies and Cupets. Additionally, if a player is given a Cubie or Cupet they have previously unlocked they will be provided Black Gems. Black Gems are referred to as “secret currency” and can be exchanged for specific Cubies and Cupets.

Overall, Cubie Adventure offers a wide variety of levels and characters as well as a large amount of content in every aspect of the game. While cash purchases can speed things up a bit, the game mostly provides players with plenty for free and even allows for players to watch ads for additional daily bonuses. The visuals are cut and the music works perfectly with the game at all times. This free game is a great addition to any mobile library for players of all ages as the simple gameplay is easy to grasp but enough challenge is provided to keep any player returning for more fun.



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